The Kindle Project

The Kindle Project is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to to motivate, empower, and shorten the learning curve for custodial single parents through education, job training, housing, family planning, etc. and to inspire them to pay it forward to other single parents.  The goal of The Kindle Project is enable, support, train, and encourage single parents with majority custody of their children. Every family situation is different.  Family members might just need someone to listen to their struggles all the way to finding a place to live.

We further our purposes under this program by conducting the following activities: 

Education – parenting, business planning, financial education

Job training – mentors from different industries that will donate time and expertise

Housing – rental and purchases with commission from licensed broker donation

Family planning, etc. – access to counselors

General services – Pilates classes, haircuts, lawn services, attorney services, babysitting, legal    advice, career planning, etc.

Donation of clothes and household items

The officers and directors administer this program on a volunteer basis.  This program has already commenced and consumes 100% of the organization’s time.  Initially, the organization’s activities will be advertised through internet, community newspapers, and media, and it will be funded through donations from family, friends and the general public.  Through the successful execution of our program, we further our charitable purposes.