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The Kindle Project

​​Hi there!  My name is Amber Gunn. The following is a blog entry I wrote August 27, 2009.  Now, fast forward to 2019.  My kids are 21 and 23 now, and I am a few years in to the "empty nester" phase.  The Kindle Project weighs more heavily on my heart as each day passes.


"For at least the past 5 years of my life, I have been consumed with this incredibly deep conviction that my “calling” in life is to motivate, empower, and shorten the learning curve for single mothers. When it really comes down to it, it is the only thing I’m authentically passionate about besides my 2 BFF’s, Cullen (age 13) and Cassidy (age 11). I’m known for my cheery personality and upbeat aura, and I guess you can never really take the cheerleader out of the girl. Right? I’ve talked about donating my percentages of my profits, forming a non-profit, starting a center to educate and love on single moms, and even a non-profit coffee shop/real estate office to raise money for and employ the girls. I was just telling afriend literally today that I never thought I would be single for this long. I never imagined it would be almost 10 years later, and I wouldn’t have been snatched up. And I can tell you, that one reality in itself has yielded some very lonely and low points in my life. But as an optimist and dreamer, the only conclusion that I have come to that even seems half-way likely is that this was part of the plan. How could I have the heart and the passion and wisdom to do what I’m about to embark on if I hadn’t lived it for this long? So, I’m here to say, that I’m done talking! I’m doing. And this will be a journey that would make me so happy for you to share with me!


It’s a question that has been plaguing me for quite some time. What can I give of quantitative value to single mothers? How can I pay it forward? How can I give them a leg up? My background is accounting and marketing. I own a couple of businesses, both real estate related. Wait a second…  Let me back up. One of my sweet friends gave me a fake dollar bill card that reads, “Action is the active ingredient that transforms my goals into reality.” It’s been on my dashboard for the past 2.5 months now. And while it has driven me to get a lot accomplished on my to do list, it finally clicked with me yesterday. I sat at the table, and my friend told me that the only thing that really resonated with me was loving on single moms and acknowledging the people and groups that played a significant role in my success as a strong and independent single mother. I’ve been an emotional roller coaster, and I just would like to give a little “shout out” to the ones that have endured me in the past month. THANK YOU. I love you all. So, I’m sure you are waiting for the big finale… Drum roll… I have no idea what this will lead to or where it will take me, but my first “pay it forward” activity will be a FREE real estate listing or ALL of my commission I earn on a purchase given away on a monthly basis here in Austin, TX. It’s something that I can do immediately and proficiently. And I have to tell you I want this to be just the beginning!


Please, please, please… Send any single custodial parent to me that is struggling and needs encouragement.  I am always happy to share everything I know or just lend an ear to listen to their frustrations.  I'm a connector, so whatever your needs are, Iwill make sure they are met by someone in my circle!  Regarding the FREE listing, I can help any single mom in the state of TEXAS.  So, bring it on!

If you know anyone who has a heart for this cause, please share this page with them! I would love for more like minded individuals to share their knowledge and gifts to change custodial parent's lives. 

Amber Gunn is a realtor and broker and owner of Amber Gunn Real Estate and Austin Domain Properties.  She is also the #1 top producing Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider Realtor and master financial coah with Dave Ramsey since 2014.  LICENSE# 558311